sportsLightingEconomical, easy to use Sports Lighting Solutions for sports fields, parks and other public places.

Authorised users simply send SMS messages to control the lights within the time frames defined by the facility manager.

Suitable for a single field or a whole regional network.

Usage and billing reports are automatically generated.

Systems can be used to control irrigation and pumps plus more.

In-built data recording and control capabilities can be used to monitor tank levels, electricity and water usage and other facility infrastructure.

SMS alarming capability can advise of problems on site.




Halytech Illuminator is a cost effective floodlight control and facility monitoring system for sports fields, parks and other public places. Using a web interface, facility managers set up clubs so that authorised members can turn lights on or off via SMS.


Each Illuminator can:

  • control up to 8 independent groups of lights
  • support more than 50 authorised user groups
  • monitor power and water usage
  • control irrigation
  • generate alarms
  • automatically send usage and billing reports

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Dec 2020

meterwatch, Halytech's metering data logger and telemetry device has been approved for use in NSW Non-Urban Water Metering Framework.

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