Dec 2020

The NSW Government is rolling out a new metering framework to measure and meter non-urban water take in NSW.  All surface and groundwater water take works captured by the rules need to be fitted with an accurate meter and an approved telemetry-capable Local Intelligence Device (LID) such as meterwatch

meterwatch, is now approved for use in the NSW Non-Urban Water Metering Framework.
meterwatch is economical, rugged, reliable, easy to install and set up. It is self-contained, waterproof, designed for use in harsh environments and offers the longest battery life in its class.

It communicates on the latest LTE Cat M1 mobile network so is ideal for installation in remote areas with poor mobile coverage.
Halytech offers a range of external antennas and mounting options to ensure reliable communications.

meterwatch comes with a 7 year warranty and is backed by Halytech, is a Sydney based company, that has been designing and manufacturing data loggers locally for the water industry for more than 20 years.

You can find out more about the framework at

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GPRS Static IP addresses for remote monitoring & data-logging

Sydney, NSW 8th October 2012

As a result of recent changes made by Australia’s mobile phone carriers, Halytech can now offer its Spider range of data-loggers with a GPRS static IP address. This is a major breakthrough for remote monitoring in Australia.

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